Why Do People Enjoy Horror/ Splatter Movies?

Image credit: Saw Films Wiki Some of us may think that people who enjoy watching horror movies especially in the gore/ splatter category (aka torture porn) are sick or have a dark personality. I can't speak for the rest but I can tell you that it's not necessarily true. How do I know? Well, for a start, those kind of movies are fascinating to me. I enjoy watching them.  Okay, a psychopath will not tell you they're a psychopath right? But I'm telling you, there's nothing wrong or dark about me except my imagination! Truly, I can be a chickenshit in real life and pretty harmless unless… *evil grin* What I'm trying to say is, human beings are rather complex. What we enjoy doing sometimes doesn't reflect who we truly are. How do you explain someone who would rather hold a python or tarantula than to be anywhere near a harmless cockroach? I don't do rollercoasters, skydiving, bungee-jumping, and all the activities involving heights. On top of that, I have fea

They Asked Me to Focus Doing One Thing. I'm Glad I Didn't Listen

Ever since I left the corporate environment to run my own business, I have experienced starting different businesses. I've sold T-shirts, handmade gifts, educational toys, stationeries, and even healthy food. I've also offered numerous services such as team-building facilitation, project management and consulting, content writing, graphic design, and social media marketing.  "They" had… and still have no idea what's my latest venture. "They" are, however, concerned with my well-being because they have seen me struggled to do many things at the same time to the point of burning out. "They" are my family, mentors, and friends. For years, they kept nagging me, directly and indirectly, to pick a niche to specialize in and stay focus. I appreciate their good intention and concerns about me but I'm so glad I didn't listen to them. Over the years of dabbling in various businesses, I've picked up many useful skills that allow me to survive

Confessions of a Reading Freak

Image: I've been an avid reader all my life and before I embraced the minimalist lifestyle, I had over 1000 books in my collection. I gave most of it away, retaining less than 20 physical books to "decorate" my bookshelf. I subscribed to Scribd 2 years ago and started my book collection virtually. With a vast virtual library packed in my smartphone, I went crazier than ever, consuming over 20 books in a matter of weeks (thanks to audiobooks.) It was all so convenient that I could listen to it when I'm working (good thing I'm a designer so I don't need to think and I can multi-task by listening to audiobooks), commuting, doing house chores, gardening, pooping, and on the verge of slumber. I managed to successfully stop myself from purchasing any books for 5 years but ever since I re-ignited my passion for art and drawing early this year, I started to purchase art and design-related physical books because it's better to look at visuals on printe

Seated at the Back of Bicycle

She got on her bicycle and was ready to head out. As she pedaled a few meters away from her house compound, her younger brother called out to her. "I want to tag along," he said, running towards her. "Hop on if you can," she said without stopping as she continued to pedal without looking back. Pressure could be felt as he leaped onto the backseat of the bicycle. She felt his hands on her hip as he steadied himself. She cycled a few blocks, heading to the playground she frequented with her brother and friends. As she was getting close, she noticed none of their friends were there yet. "No one's here yet," she sighed. "Should we come back later?" She asked. No answer. As she turned her bicycle around to head home, she noticed there was no one in the backseat. But, she could feel the weight of a person, and the hands clutching on her. Without saying anything, she calmly cycled home, slowly at first but she gained speed when she could see her hou

What it Means to be an Autodidact

Image: If you’re a multipotentialite with learning as your hobby (like yours truly), there’s a high chance you’re also an autodidact unless you’re a multimillionaire who can afford to spend your fortune to hire teachers in every subjects or skill you want to learn. According to the dictionary, an autodidact (also known as a self-taught or a self-educated person) learn without the guidance of teachers. They choose the subjects or the skills they want to learn, assemble their own resources, establish their own pace, and determine the depth of their learning. In this time period where we’re blessed with Google, Wikipedia (although they may not be accurate most of the time), YouTube, and many platforms providing limitless information, it spurred an ongoing debate. Can we still refer to ourselves as autodidacts or self-taught people if say we learn drawing from watching video tutorials on YouTube? The short answer is yes. But we’re learning from books, videos, audios, and what

My Workplace Hazard

Designers, writers, and gamers have a common workplace hazard and that's carpal tunnel syndrome . I'm in all the three professions I just mentioned. I do digital drawing most of the time, typing on a daily basis when I blog or write articles for publications, and of course, I play games (yes, that's part of my job too even though most of my friends may think I play games just for the sake of entertainment.) It doesn't help either that I actually do enjoy doing house chores like sweeping, mopping, washing the dishes, and cleaning the washrooms. All these activities have added stress to my wrist. It doesn't ache so much when I do long hours of drawing and typing. The pain is more intense when I draw and type right after an hour of sweeping and mopping. Luckily it's not too late for me as I'm now aware that I need to take more frequent breaks and take better care of my wrist. I know it'll be devastating if I could never draw or write again without excruciat

Writing and Drawing with Fountain Pens

I enjoy writing and drawing with fountain pens. I developed the love for fountain pens when my mom got me one when I was in high school. I would use it daily to write my journal. The feel of it and the flow of ink when it touches the surface of the paper is just amazing. Besides, I also enjoy the process of filling the ink when it's finished. Two days back, I got myself a new fountain pen from the Faber-Castell store when we were shopping at Sunway Pyramid. I chose a thin nib this time around since I already had a thicker one from Parker. It'll add some variety to my drawing and now I can create finer lines.

Doodling on Old Books


Use Social Media to Connect with People, not Collect People

People are so driven by ego that they have forgotten the real purpose of social media. Instead of using it to connect and engage with people, particularly family and friends, they have turned it into a tool for an ego boost.  There's a constant pressure to post the perfect picture, video, or story to show the world how amazing their life is, all in the name of gaining a couple of extra followers. Even companies and businesses are paying for ads to increase the followers instead of focusing on engaging their true fans.  If we don't begin to realize that the quality of connections we make is more important than quantity, we would be wasting more time and money in "collecting" people with no results to show, no profits to make, and no valuable relationships established.

Brand Loyalty No More with Maxis

 I cancelled my mobile service provider Maxis after 2 decades of using their service. It has been known among Maxis former users that they quit them because they tend to offer better services and packages for new customers while neglecting the customers that have been using them for years. I don't know why I stayed with them for so long when I know DiGi offers a better package for my needs. I guess there's no point in staying loyal to a brand that clearly doesn't care about our loyalty anyway. That was when I decided to switch to DiGi.